On to the basics of Self-Editing. All of this, everything that follows, is just a guideline. Never let technical correctness muffle your writers’ voice. Don’t assume every editors’ suggestion needs to be embraced. And remember that none of this is a substitute for a skilled Masochist Concept Editor and a cohort of Victims Beta Readers.

I’ve edited a few things over the years; actually, I’ve edited a lot of things even though my name isn’t on most of them. In that time, I’ve found there are some common mistakes that continue to crop up each time I forget myself and get dragged back into working on someone else’s Magnum Opus. I thought I’d put these together in a not so brief piece to help other budding authors avoid some of the common pitfalls. Keep in mind that none of this addresses issues of structure, plot consistency, themes, or voice.


Do NOT edit while you are still writing. Once you get to the end of your section take a break and don’t immediately go back over it. You, the writer, know what you’re trying to say, but the reader doesn’t. Or as a great writer once scrawled in a shaking hand, “Write drunk. Edit sober.” Until you put some distance (time & emotion) between yourself and the work, you will only see it through your filter as a writer. (See also why I need an editor)

Avoid Repetition

Watch out for repetitive word use in the same sentence or paragraph. This can be particularly tricky when you are being technical in your writing. The more uncommon the word is, the more your repetition of its use will stand out to a reader. The more common a word, the more its repetition will bore your reader (such as repetitive for example). Try to keep a careful balance between clarity of meaning and precision of word use.

Show don’t tell

One of the basics of self-editing is ‘Show, don’t tell’. Keep in mind that every story needs a balance of showing and telling. Relying too heavily on either method can ruin a reader’s experience.
“Show, don’t tell” is the advice that every writer gets, the advice that promotes description in place of narration. It’s also the advice that can destroy a writer’s voice and ruin a cleverly constructed sequence. So show where you can, narrate where you must, and preserve the flow of your story.

  • Don’t tell people what characters think, show it.
  • Don’t explain an emotional response like you’re diagnosing a disease. Show the physiological reactions.
  • Don’t tell the reader what to think and feel, make them think it or feel it.

Don’t write a novel like it’s an essay

Opening a sentence with “At this point…” “Meanwhile…” can add some interesting tone to your voice as a writer, but make sure it doesn’t turn your paragraph into a laundry list of actions instead of a scene. Which leads on to ‘danger words’.

Danger Words

ThinkAlso known as plague words, because you need to avoid them like the plague. There are lots of words in the English language that are good solid words, cornerstones of communication without which we couldn’t express ourselves. At the same time when they appear to regularly in your work they may be highlighting a problem;

  • Really / Very (and other intensifiers): These are crutch words that have no descriptive value. Eliminate entirely or replace with a descriptive word. As Mark Twain famously said, “Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write ‘very’; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.”
  • He / She: If every sentence starts with ‘He’ and ‘She’, you not only bore the reader but are often telling rather than showing.
  • I: (see 3rd person dialogue below)
  • Was / Is / Are / Am: These sometimes highlight the presence of the passive voice. If you don’t understand the difference between active and passive voice you need to leave this page right now and do your homework before you get back into the writing. (pro-tip) use the Zombies check, but keep in mind that the passive voice isn’t always the problem people seem to think.
  • Feel / Believe / Think: Outside dialogue, such words are unnecessary, we already know you feel/believe/think this otherwise you wouldn’t be writing about it.
  • Just: The word doesn’t add any real value to sentences. Leaving it out often results in the same meaning and makes the sentences much tighter and more direct.
  • Got / Went: Lazy and imprecise. There is nearly always a better action word you can substitute, one that gives more nuanced meaning to your work.
  • Then: Then is my personal bugbear, then turns an action sequence into a shopping list of dot point actions.

Then points vaguely to the existing timeline and says, “It was after that last thing I talked about.” But the new action taking place in a subsequent sentence or sentence part implies that much already. You can almost always eliminate your thens without disrupting meaning or flow.

“Then” should be used as a clarifying agent, to communicate that two seemingly concurrent actions are happening in sequence. For example, “I drove to the supermarket. Then I realized I didn’t need to buy anything.” Without the “then,” it would be easy to mistake this as pre-existing knowledge or as a realization that happened during the drive itself.
– Robbie Blair

For a more definitive list (for those who have been poisoned by the language of academia) have a look at or even learn how to write good.

Generally, avoid meaningless words and fillers, unnecessary adverbs, and where it doesn’t ruin the flow of your story you can sometimes place adverbs within the verb.

Simple Examples
Then the solution can be discarded. vs The solution can then be discarded.
The blood is withdrawn slowly. vs The blood is slowly withdrawn.

Avoid 3rd person dialogue

If you are writing from the third person perspective and your characters start talking about themselves in the third person, it just sounds like they’re mentally imbalanced (unless that is your intent). When dialogue reads like the characters are talking about themselves in the third person such as “I have two paths… “I have chosen… “I need to… “I never… “I think… “I think… “I think… then those characters better have a god complex (or an inferiority complex) because normal people don’t feel the need to identify themselves before making every statement. If the people in the room can see you talking, you don’t need to let them know you’re there first. – I’m mentioning this point because it always surprises me how often this happens.

Clearly define your characters

Your characters should all be different and not just little clones of you as an author. Each character should have a purpose and bring something to the work. If they don’t then they’re not characters, they’re plot devices or scenery. If you find you have a problem doing this you may wish to consider writing from a first-person perspective.
Look at the number of characters you have. If there are too many, see where some overlap and you might be able to merge them into a single individual. This can tidy up your work, giving your remaining characters greater depth. It also helps the reader who no longer needs to track a cast of thousands.

Check your names

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, differentiate your names. If your reader can’t easily identify individual characters you may as well not have them. Not just how the names look on the page, but also how they sound when spoken aloud.
You may have put a great deal of thought into your characters. Perhaps you spent hours deliberating over the personality of your protagonist’s and which name best fits them. Maybe you even agonised over the subtle hints that each name provides, the baggage it comes with, and the impression you hope to impart, but to your reader, it’s usually just a name. Sure there can be a certain pleasure for both the reader and the writer in understanding the underlying message of a name, but your clever usage will rarely overcome a reader’s existing bias.

For example, any book I pick up where the character shares the name of an archangel, and if this book hints at the existence of an angelic ancestry… well let’s just say they don’t often inspire glowing reviews. On the other hand, a kick-ass warrior woman called Daisy can at least inspire a smile.

Check your Dialogue

SpeechPatternsSpoken word regularly breaks grammatical rules. Slang, dialects, and contractions all do to the spoken word what Agincourt did to the life expectancy of French nobility. So don’t trust your automated grammar checker (you are using one aren’t you?) for any dialogue sections. Get someone (or some program) to read it aloud. There is no better way to spot jumbled or nonsensical sections.
Go through each character and make sure that their dialogue stays consistent. Make sure each character has their own voice, and that their voice isn’t just yours. You want consistency within each character and distinction between them. A grease monkey who never finished high school shouldn’t sound like an academic giving a lecture and vice versa.

Mix it up (structure-wise)

Vary your sentence length. Variety helps keep the reader engaged. Short, sharp, sentences are ideal for rapid action scenes. Long, run-on sentences strung together by commas and asides are great for those moments of calm and introspective thought. Use different sentence structures. If every sentence begins with the same words or has the same structure (such as the technically correct object => verb => adverb) the pace of the piece will be the same and it will feel very repetitive. Mixing up your sentence types keeps the writing fresh and varied, making it easier to read. Same for paragraphs, they can be of almost any length, from a single sentence to five or more. Paragraphs are meant to give readers breaks and giving them breaks at the exact same time over and over again gets extremely monotonous. A simple beat is boring, just as listening to a dripping tap can drive someone to madness, so mix up the tempo in your writing.

Precision in language usage

A thesaurus is no substitute for understanding the word you are using. Decimate may technically mean ‘to kill 1 in 10’ but that is rarely the common usage. I’ve got friends who have grown up with the connectivity of the internet. For them things like grammar and correct spelling are far less important, they argue that as long as the message is clear, who needs all those rules. There may be some point to that, one day we might be writing in emoji’s and L33T and the rules of grammar may have been forgotten. But there is a cost, with a reduction in vocabulary comes a reduction in the nuances that can be conveyed. We think in words, and anything that restricts our word choice also stifles our imaginative potential, it’s a rare person who can conceive of a notion that has not yet been named, and a rarer one still that can then share that notion with others.
What I am trying to say, in my rambling and imprecise way, is be precise in your use of language. If you have to tell rather than show, don’t use ‘angry’ when you can use words that are more appropriate and convey a lot more information. ‘Very Angry’ could be furious (suggesting a near loss of control), fuming (suggesting an internal rage), enraged (suggesting an imminent physical response), annoyed (suggesting a passing state), exasperated (suggesting the anger derives from some sort of recurrent obstacle), and so on. A consistent style of word usage can also go a great way towards setting the tone of your story and reinforcing the themes and imagery.

Mind your metaphors

Metaphors aren’t bad but think carefully before you use them. Some people have trouble understanding metaphors. Some metaphors don’t translate well across different cultures. For those who speak English as a second language, metaphors are rather advanced usage and they may struggle with them long after their fluency has met or exceeded that of a native speaker.

Check for Typos

A typo in tweet won’t raise too many eyebrows. An error on your blog isn’t the end of the world. A self-editing a manuscript, it is a different story. A typo in your work doesn’t just look unprofessional, it can break the flow of your story and jolt your reader out of the story.  Trust your Beta readers, use checking software, and do what you can to minimise those mistakes. Too many errors may alienate a large section of your potential audience. We all make typos, and even professionally proofed works will occasionally have an error slip through (industry-standard assumes one typo per 10,000 words).

LAST, but never LEAST

Do NOT expect your work to be perfect. It never will be, which means you’ll never be finished. There comes a point when you have to accept that it is ‘good enough’ and you can release it into the world.

PS. Spell check is no substitute for a copy-editor.

PPS. I’m not going to tell you to minimise the passive voice. I have my reasons. Not the least of which, is that everyone else has probably told you already. I’ll also leave structure (order, flow and balance), themes and complimentary word choice, consistency of spelling, capitalisation, and hyphenation for another post. YAY! Won’t that be fun?


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    He said that Mr Miliband is a “leftie” who sees people as “discrete agents devoid of ties to society or to each other, and that’s how Stalin could murder 20 million people”.

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    Colin Davison, Chris Ward, Adrian Green and Tony Shearer, being the Abbey Protection Directors who together (either individually or with their Connected Persons, where applicable) hold beneficial interests in Abbey Protection Shares, have irrevocably undertaken to vote, or procure the vote, in favour of the Scheme at the Court Meeting and the Special Resolution to be proposed at the Abbey Protection General Meeting (or, in the event that the Acquisition is implemented by way of a Takeover Offer, to accept, or procure the acceptance of, the Takeover Offer) in respect of a total of 33,351,973 Abbey Protection Shares, representing, in aggregate, approximately 33.4 per cent. of Abbey Protection’s issued share capital.

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    IRVING, Texas (AP) – Jason Hatcher isn't sure if he should be called a vocal leader for the Dallas Cowboys. The defensive tackle's words and actions say he should. The 31-year-old has started 25 straight games and is making more plays in a new scheme under defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and defensive line coach Rod Marinelli.

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    We have elections so that voters can decide who should lead. Sure, there are a few requirements to get on the ballot — like being a resident and collecting petition signatures — but beyond that, we leave it to the voters to decide who is legit.

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    On Monday, U.S. officials held out the prospect of quicksanctions relief if Tehran acted swiftly to allay concerns aboutits nuclear programme, although both countries said any dealwould be complex and take time.

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    Reports suggest the 23-year-old could go to rehab this week because of his substance-abuse issues, but he is active for the team’s game against the Colts just two days after his arrest. Fox reports that people close to Smith and the 49ers are “concerned” and pushing him to seek help, but that he ultimately needs to make the decision to do so.

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    However, in some cases the inspectors were able to make an assessment of the likely trajectory of the rockets and this again seems to corroborate US claims that they came from areas controlled by government forces.

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    Three years later, an even bigger hallmark of the financialsector was almost shattered when Cyprus made a botched bid toburden small depositors. In March, it became the first eurozonecountry to impose losses on large depositors, following a pathbeaten far more quietly by Lithuania a month earlier, whenlosses were imposed on large depositors of failed Ukio Bankas.

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    Almost immediately, the mix of living organisms inside a mouse’s digestive tract began to resemble the one inside its human donor. Soon the mice came to resemble more and more the women whose gut microbiomes they had adopted.

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    Nearly a quarter of asylum applications in the EU are handled by Germany. France is the second biggest destination for asylum seekers. But often English-speaking migrants head for the UK, which is home to large communities from Pakistan, Somalia and Middle Eastern countries.

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    Vigneault’s frustrating start has been sabotaged in part by the long road trip, by key injuries and by surprisingly erratic goaltending — and that was before Henrik Lundqvist sat out practice Tuesday with an undisclosed “minor” injury. The Rangers haven’t yet grasped the nuances of Vigneault’s system, which asks players to force attackers toward the boards in the neutral zone and demands more man-to-man defending.

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    The solution to loss of habitat is, as Burns understood, not to plant huge numbers of a very few species, some of them exotic, all of them probably much too close together, but to restore the endemic woodland mix. Planting trees is not enough; woodland requires management at least until it has reached maturity, in some cases forever.

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    Many people have suggested such an arrangement could be part of a deal that would allow the Brotherhood to leave the streets and join an army-backed “road map” to civilian rule, but would require Mursi to abandon his historic mandate as Egypt’s first freely elected leader.

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    “The Fed botched its message in June and is trying to undo that mistake,” said Jeffrey Gundlach, chief executive of bond fund Doubleline Capital. “The data does not suggest that the economy can make it on its own and once stimulus is sent on a lower trajectory it cannot be reversed quickly.”

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    The White House said the meeting would be held at 3 p.m. EDT(1900 GMT). Included will be Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, House ofRepresentatives Speaker John Boehner, the top Republican inWashington, and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

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    The item fits into the “Internet of Things” category, which Quartz defines as “the expanding realm of devices that send information to, and can often be controlled from, the Internet.”

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    “These out-of-area operations have been a long-standing element of the UK mission in Afghanistan and are completely in line with our current role of providing training, advice and assistance to the Afghan National Security Forces,” a spokesman said.

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    The Adam character, played by Sean Giambrone, is an early video nerd with a helicopter mom (Wendi McLendon-Covey), a blustering dad (Jeff Garlin), a 16-year-old brother (Troy Gentile) who’s not as smart as he thinks, a 17-year-old sister (Hayley Orrantia) who thinks everyone else is ridiculous and a rascally grandpa (George Segal) who’s sex-obsessed and overindulgent with the kids.

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    Employed by chains such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Subway and Papa John’s, the one-day strikers want to join unions and earn $15 an hour, more than double the $7.25-an-hour federal minimum wage.

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    “Improved margin guidance suggests 10-15 percent pretaxprofit upgrade for 2013. We remain of the view Lloyds willannounce a fourth-quarter dividend in parallel with the start ofthe UK government placing,” said Numis analyst Mike Trippitt.

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    The 2011 upheavals promoted Islamist groups affiliated withor similar to the Brotherhood to the heart of politics acrossthe Arab world, and most observers say events in Egypt are notjust a national but a regional setback for the organisation.

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    The budget smartphone is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, so can handle Windows Phone 8 with ease, making this a fast and nimble phone to use. When it comes to multimedia, you’ll love using the Full HD video camera, while the 5-Megapixel stills camera offers great all-round functionality.

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    Although Democrats still control both legislative chambers, the slim margin in the Senate is sure to make it difficult for the party to continue the aggressive policy agenda Republicans criticized them for this year.

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    But then a gentleman called “Peaceful Dan” was shoved in the back of a police van and tensions once again grew among the estimated 1,000 protesters, who have set up protest camps in West Sussex in opposition to the British oil and gas exploration firm Cuadrilla. The company is building a test well to enable it to take samples of rock from about 3,000ft below the picturesque South Downs.

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    Ryan’s team, of course, was the beneficiary of a late hit by Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David that helped the Jets escape with a win in the season opener. On Sunday, a new rule preventing defensive players from pushing teammates on field goal attempts lifted the Jets to a much-needed victory over their AFC East nemesis. The penalty erased Nick Folk’s 56-yard miss and set the stage for his 42-yard game-winner a few minutes later.

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    In the words of an Old Hack I like to ask about these things–a favored political consultant I know–“Brian D’Arcy knew what he was doing on this contract before the Garcetti folks found the restroom at the Getty House.” 

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    “They do not need to fear being returned to Syria. Yemen is a very generous host country and they will be granted asylum until they need it … We have to make it clear they have nothing to lose and only to gain by coming forward.”

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    Their Delft intarsia-knit dress (below)is to die for but, sadly, coming in at well over £2000, any dress from this coveted collection is quite the style investment.So we've hand-picked our favourite look-a-likes from the high street for your shopping pleasure. Pair Asos's beautiful scarf-print mini dress with cute ankle boots and a thick coat for a winter look that will last you right through to spring.

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    On Friday, the U.S. government said 162,000 jobs were added in July, about 20,000 less than expected, while gains for the previous two months were revised down. While the U.S. jobs report wasn’t encouraging, it did make it more likely that the Fed would take its time cutting back on its stimulus program, analysts said.

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    Coyne said a contractor was working on a vacant home’s basement when it fell, taking down two surrounding homes with it. The contractor is said to have suffered serious burns over 22 percent of his body.

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    At the same time, the price cut also pressures other Android makers, including struggling HTC and Motorola. Staying competitive in the smartphone market while getting along with its hardware partners is a delicate balancing act for Google, according to Wood.

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    We are glad the nation’s top prosecutor has joined the bipartisan call for reform and we appreciate his efforts to reduce federal reliance on mandatory minimums. But his actions are not enough. In Congress, Democrats and Republicans have an opportunity to negotiate a bipartisan solution that will redirect precious resources towards crime reduction. It is time for Congress to act.

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    JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup Inc providesimilar commodity trading figures to the Fed and the SEC. Butlike Goldman, both banks warn investors in their SEC filingsthat the figures don’t fully represent their performance becausethey exclude earnings on interest, an “integral” part of tradingrevenue.

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    The Brotherhood is calling the killings a “massacre,” and field hospitals in the area have struggled to cope with the influx of casualties. The army has said it was the work of an armed gang that attacked the institution. Either way, it marked the single worst day of violence since the crisis started last week.

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    The action-planning sheet is intended to organise two days of civil disobedience on Monday and Tuesday and although No Dash For Gas refused to dislocate any specific details of their plans, other protesters said they expected to see attempts to break into the drilling site.

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