About Me

I write because I have stories to tell.
I edit because I need them to be comprehensible.
I market because otherwise people will never see what I wrote.
I regularly stuff up, because I’m human.

Let me introduce myself. I’m a mild-mannered administrator by day but at night an amazing transformation takes place, I become an incredibly slow writer. Kind of like Superman, but instead of superpowers I get writer’s block and instead of putting my underwear on the outside, I avoid pants entirely.

*waves* like the over-caffeinated idiot I am.

I paid my way through university working security at night and studying psychology by day. After uni, I foolishly wandered into the health sector, before fleeing back to tertiary education. I’ve worked in Human Resources, Mental Health, and various administrative roles, but spend most of my free time adrift in various fictional worlds. Now I try to create my own.

Speculative Fiction blog: jw.arlockweb.com 

Writing about Writing: negativespace.arlockweb.com  <= You are here

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